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002; The Game Changer: Hook Grip Deadlift


Ever felt like your training game has gone a little stale? Can’t quite follow through on the deadlift of your dreams? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to elevate your lifting that little bit further? Or perhaps you’re simply curious about what exactly this “Hook Grip” thing everyone babbles on about actually is? Whatever your reason for clicking on this, the way you lift is about to change forever…


So, what actually is Hook Grip?


  • Hook Grip is all about what your hands are doing when you lift. Here’s the main thing to practise: all four of your fingers need to be wrapped over the top of the bar, with your thumb tucked underneath them. Remember, it’s really important that your thumb stays beneath your fingers throughout the lift; it’s all about ensuring the security of your grip on the bar.


What’s so great about it?


  • It probably feels like everybody’s always going on about Hook Grip, us lot here at Mammal Strength included, so it’s only fair that we explain the obsession, right?
  • Of course, the most obvious benefit of all is that utilising this technique will improve your grip tenfold. And if you grip better, you lift better (not to mention heavier!) – it’s simple, but so effective.
  • Interestingly enough, although it’s just a change in how your hands are positioned, it’s going to help you get your entire body into a better position too, meaning you’re really optimising your whole lifting posture, ensuring more symmetrical, well-balanced lifts every single time – and that can only be a positive thing, right?!
  • Using Hook Grip technique can also help to reduce your risk of injury such as bicep tears, as well as generally reducing the tension your upper body is put through during lifting.
  • And finally, one of the best things about incorporating Hook Grip technique into your training routine is its versatility; we’ve been talking a lot here about how to deadlift with Hook Grip, but the truth is you can utilise it in any kind of Olympic movement.



Surely it can’t all be good news...?


  • Now we can’t deny that some people’s hands (the bigger the better, with longer fingers really working well during Hook Grip) suit this style better than others, and it certainly might feel a little awkward, even painful, to begin with – but we do believe it’s worth the perseverance for all you can gain!
  • And, lucky reader, we happen to have just the thing to help you avoid these uncomfortable little niggles…


Mammal Strength Premium Specialist Weightlifting Tape!


It’s number one for Hook Grip protection and its heavy-duty quality will keep your fingers and thumbs safe and sound throughout even the worst of WODs. It absorbs all sweat, lasts throughout any workout, protects your skin from cuts, calluses, blisters & rips and is entirely non-slip.


Mammal Strength will always be here to help you hold on longer & stronger.


But don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself…


Trust in the tape, and find it within.

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