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Every time we step inside the box, we want to be more powerful than before, especially in olympic lifting – but there’s no use in lifting heavy weights if the technique is all wrong. For starters, that’s a one-way ticket to injury! And besides that, the truth is that improving technique increases muscle development and in the long run, that’s the most sustainable path to smashing our PBs.
So, how do we go about doing this? Check your training; a lot of pain or injuries come from a lack of balance in training programmes. For instance, look for quality and not quantity in your olympic lifts; if you have to sacrifice your posture for an extra few kilograms, it just isn’t worth it. Be sure to keep an eye on repetition too; sometimes overusing exercises puts too much strain on the body.
Most CrossFit lovers know that hook-grip is essential, but for those just starting out, or unfamiliar with the term, let’s dive into the details of this much-loved technique. So, what exactly is hook grip? Well, it’s where you wrap your thumb around the bar, inside of the fingers (instead of your thumb simply resting on the bar). The thumb, index, and middle finger all work together to create what feels like a natural lifting strap. And why is it so important? Because it’s going to give you the added strength and control you need to do the best snatches and clean & jerks you possibly can – what could be better?
Now, we’re aware that hook grip as a technique has met more than its fair share of criticism; people’s number one problem is the prevalence of injury associated with it. There’s absolutely no denying that hook grip puts pressure on the thumbs and, just like any exercise, there’s always potential for injury.
By now you must be wondering where Mammal Strength’s Premium Weightlifting Tape fits into all of this…well, we’re entirely confident that wearing our tape whilst you’re lifting will protect you every time you go for your hook grip. Besides injury, wearing Mammal Strength thumb tape will also protect you from cuts, calluses, blisters and rips (and can be worn on any of your fingers, as well as your wrists and palms too!).
Lift with confidence and ease, knowing we’ve got your thumbs (quite literally) covered.
Trust in the tape and find it within.


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