Here at Mammal Strength, we’re all about encouraging people to embrace their inner strength and better themselves. And we’re proud to say, we practise what we preach: we’ve been working on a new and improved, game-changing product for months now, designed more than ever before to help you find your Mammal within. Just when you thought Mammal Strength had created the hook grip tape your thumbs had been dreaming of, we’re here to tell you that we’re levelling up yet again. Say hello to Mammal Strength tape 2.0, designed by an athlete for athletes, and perfect for weightlifting and cross-training. 


That super sticky hot glue formula and supreme grip that makes Mammal weightlifting tape outlast any WOD? It’s back and better than ever, with improvements made to ensure you’re lifting longer and stronger. That easy to tear, even easier to apply fabric? It’s also back, with a brand new logo design and available in our classic black and new vibrant red.  


But here’s the news you’ve all really been waiting for: brand new Mammal Strength hook grip tape is a mammoth 9m per roll, making it the longest, not to mention strongest, weightlifting tape on the market. That means when you buy your pack of four, you’ll be getting a ridiculous 36 metres of the best tape in the game! 


Now, we’re more than mindful of the times we live in - that’s why we want to help destroy PBs, not the planet. We’ve made our latest weightlifting tape’s packaging 100% plastic-free AND vegan, so you can concentrate on saying yes to lifting longer and stronger and no to plastic waste. What more could you want?


It’s the next generation, the 2.0, the best weightlifting tape you’ll ever wrap with: we promise. 




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