International Women's Day- Women In Sport - Mammal Strength

International Women's Day- Women In Sport

International Women's Day - Women in Sport

A topic of conversation X A celebration of women.

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Women in sport has often been a topic of conversation in the news. Prior to the success of England's Lionesses at the Euros in 2022 the outlook on girls taking part in secondary school sport was pretty bleak.

A study that took place in 2021 found that a fear of being judged and a lack of confidence were the main reasons cited for a waning interest in sport among teenage girls. Out of a poll of over 4,000 teenagers it was found that 43% of girls felt they were sporty at primary pupils but no longer saw themselves this way. This equates to nearly 1.3 million girls across the UK.
Out of these girls, 68% said that a fear of feeling judged prevented them from taking part, while 61% said they lacked confidence. Just under half (47%) said they were too busy with school work to carry on with sport.

Due to the huge success of the women's Euros there has been an increased uptake of teenage girls starting football. With this in mind we want to help encourage more teenage girls to get involved with strength sports

At Mammal Strength we are celebrating International Women's Day by highlighting some of our incredible female athletes!



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